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What I have for you today is the kind of thing English majors and Virginia Woolf fanatics love to find — a giant factual error about Woolf.

Well, maybe it’s not so giant. But it was made in the print and online editions of the Calgary Herald.

I won’t mention the writer who made the goof. You can click on the link and see his name for yourself.

Novelist Kurt Vonnegut gets theatrical treatment in Downstage production

Sometimes, actors are celebrities. Other times, they play them.

Anthony Hopkins played Richard Nixon. (And Picasso). Will Smith played Muhammad Ali. Meryl Streep played Julia Child (and Virginia Woolf).

All of which brings us around to Calgary actor and producer Joel Cochrane’s new role. He’s playing Kurt Vonnegut, a famous dead novelist, in And So It Goes, the George F. Walker play that begins a . .  .

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