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  1. A Young Muse in the Service of Male Writers, New York Times
    And the child is reduced to mere baggage when Ms. Roiphe imagines drowning herself almost the way Virginia Woolf did, but weighted down by offspring rather than stones. “And then,” she adds, “I thought that I had better write something that could stand . . .
  2. Review: “ORLANDO” soars!, ChicagoNow (blog)
    Sarah Ruhl’s adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s Orlando is a wild ride through a whimsical landscape. A place where the individual can thrive without the limitations of time, and where all it takes is a good night’s sleep to change you from man to woman. . . .
  3. Fifty isn’t the new 30, author says, Winston-Salem Journal
    After months of trying to resuscitate her near-comatose career, Jackson sucked it up with the help of a Virginia Woolf quote — “Arrange whatever pieces come your way” — and made a documentary about taking her spoiled teenager to India’s slums . . .
  4. Making Her Mark: Paule Marshall, Patch.com
    She needed, paraphrasing Virginia Woolf, a room of her own. Against the wishes of her husband, she enlisted someone to help with Evan-Keith and rented a small apartment in order to devote more time to her fledgling novel. Two years later, in 1959, . . .
  5. Wry Virginia Woolf in ‘Room’ with view, Kuwait Times
    Don’t be afraid of Virginia Woolf; her work contains a lot of plainspoken “nuggets of truth.” By now we’re pretty familiar with Woolf’s oft-repeated opinion that a woman needs a room of her own in which to write. The one-woman play, “Room,” now being . . . (more…)

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