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Septimus and Clarissa, a new stage adaptation of  Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway, written by Ellen McLaughlin and directed by Rachel Dickstein, premiered today.

This developmental lab production, which is presented by Ripe Time, is in previews at the Nagelberg Theatre, Baruch Performing Arts Center, 55 Lexington Ave. in New York City.

Playwright Cody Daigle’s new play, William and Judith, adds a new twist to Woolf’s imagined life of Shakespeare’s sister Judith that she shared in A Room of One’s Own. In the play, Daigle has Judith flee to London to escape an arranged marriage. There she links up with her brother, who is suffering from writer’s block.

The play, which premieres Sept. 17 and runs through Oct. 2, explores gender roles and creative identity. It is being staged in Lafayette, Indiana, by AUI/Aura and The Compound.

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