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Van Gogh is Bipolar is an unlikely name for a restaurant. And Virginia Woolf’s Tears is an unlikely name for a soup.

It’s an organic turkey soup with chopped green apples and thinly sliced purple cabbage that aims to alleviate depression and compulsive behavior.

The Woolf dish, along with others named after famous people, is made with ingredients that restaurant owner Jetro Rafael says affect mood and produce happy hormones. On the list are salmon, honey, cabbage, nuts and tea.

The unconventional restaurant with the unusual theme is located in Quezon City, Philippines. It’s so unconventional that it only serves 12 diners per night, and those 12 diners place their own orders, bus their own tables and pay their bills on the honor system.

If they are lucky enough to find the place open. Right now, the restaurant’s Facebook page has an alarming red banner that reads “Closed for now” over its profile photo.

Perhaps the owner and his chef are busy blissing out on happy hormones.

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