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Another book about Virginia Woolf. But this one is by Alexandra Harris, the brilliant ingenue of modernism and Woolf studies. She is a lecturer in English at the University of Liverpool and the author of Romantic Moderns and Virginia Woolf.

The Daily Mail calls Harris’s Virginia Woolf  a “wonderfully perceptive, unpretentious study which is pacy in style, riveting in content and perfectly accessible to the most obdurate Woolf-avoider.” What’s more, it’s eminently readable at only 180 pages and includes photos.

The review also notes Harris’s focus on Woolf’s creativity and her evolving sense of herself as a writer and says:

Every page of Harris’s insightful book is pervaded by Woolf’s passion for life, her sense of fun and her immense capacity for joy. The ‘mad genius’ and the supercilious snob with the big brain are banished.

That alone should make it worth a read.

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