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Four Orlando prizes of $1,000 each and publication in The Los Angeles Review are awarded twice yearly for a poem, a short story, a short short story, and an essay by women writers.

Deadline is July 31. Get the details on the A Room of Her Own Foundation website. Submit online.

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A Room of Her Own, a foundation for women writers and artists, has several prize deadlines coming up, along with a one-day conference. They include:
The foundation and its awards are inspired by Virginia Woolf, and this Woolf quote appears prominently on the foundation’s website:

Women have sat indoors all these millions of years, so that by this time the very walls are permeated by their creative force, which has, indeed, so overcharged the capacity of bricks and mortar that it must needs harness itself to pens and brushes and business and politics.

Intellectual freedom depends on material things. Poetry depends upon intellectual freedom, and women have always been poor, not for two hundred years, but from the beginning of time … That is why I have laid so much stress on money and a room of one’s own.
Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own, 1929

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