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Here are several Woolf sightings worth a read. And the second one is generating some heat on theVWoolf Listserv.

1. Maggie Gee explains how she came to write Virginia Woolf in Manhattan in The Guardian, Sept. 19, Virginia Woolf in Manhattan2014.

2. “Virginia Woolf, Edith Wharton, and a Case of Anxiety of Influence” in the New Yorker, Sept. 19, 2014.

This essay is generating lively discussion on the VWoolf Listserv, with writers questioning author John Colapinto’s assertion that Woolf’s lighthouse imagery in To the Lighthouse was borrowed from Wharton.  As Linda Camarasana put it, “Makes me want to tell him to read ‘Reminiscences’ and ‘A Sketch of the Past.’ Surely he should at least acknowledge Woolf’s youth, trips to St. Ives, the haunting sounds of the waves, Julia’s death, and Stella’s death as the most obvious influences on To the Lighthouse.”

Another dispute is prompted by this line of Colapinto’s: “Though I can find no record of Woolf having read The Age of Innocence, it seems unlikely that she would have failed to read Wharton’s most famous and celebrated book, if for no other reason than she would have been curious about the first novel by a woman to win the Pulitzer.”

According to Stuart N. Clarke, Woolf acknowledged  receipt of a copy of The Age of Innocence in an uncollected letter to publishers Messrs Appleton & Co. on 18 Nov 1920. The letter was published in the January 2011 edition of the Virginia Woolf Bulletin. In that issue’s accompanying note, Stephen Barkway discusses Woolf’s published comments on Wharton  and Wharton’s irritation.

3. Review of Arctic Summer by Damon Galgut, a fictional biography of E.M. Forster in the Washington Post, Sept. 18, 2014, that includes “lightly fictionalized” accounts of meetings with Virginia and Leonard Woolf.

4. London photos: Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway book bench on the Flickfilosopher blog, Sept. 18, 2014. For more, see Close-up views of the Mrs. Dalloway bench and This summer, take a seat on the Mrs. Dalloway bench

5. Professor’s new book explores theories of place in the Bowdoin Orient, Sept. 12, 2014. The People, Place, and Space Reader, a new anthology dedicated to scholars writing about the ways in which people inhabit the space around them, includes an excerpt from A Room of One’s Own.

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Electronic post card graphic from the Willows Tea Rooms website

What started as a discussion around a tea table in Glasgow has now become an official list sent to the VWoolf Listserv by Vara Neverow.

A group of attendees from the 21st Annual International Conference on Virginia Woolf, held June 9-12 at the University of Glasgow, were at the Willow Tea Rooms in Glasgow, taking tea and mining their memory banks to come up with the complete list of 21 conferences, their organizers, and their sites. Missing just one, they queried the list, and Vara sent round the full 21.

Here is the official list of the Annual International Conferences on Virginia Woolf that have been held from 1991 through this year. Conference planners are included in parenthesis.

Anne Fernald posted the same list on Fernham and indicated the 14 conferences she attended in bold face. I am doing the same here, but as a relative newcomer, I have far fewer — just three.

You can add your count as a comment at the end of this post.

And if, like me, you didn’t make it to Glasgow, you can pick up a souvenir at the Willow Tea Rooms online shop.

  1. Pace University–New York City, N. Y. (Mark Hussey) 1991
  2. Southern Connecticut State University–New Haven (Vara Neverow) 1992
  3. Lincoln University–Jefferson City (Jane Lilienfeld) 1993
  4. Bard College–Annandale-on-Hudson, New York (Paul Connolly) 1994
  5. Otterbein College–Westerville, Ohio (Beth Daugherty) 1995
  6. Clemson University–Clemson, S. Carolina (Wayne Chapman and Elisa Sparks) 1996
  7. Plymouth College–Plymouth, New Hampshire (Jeanne Dubino) 1997
  8. St. Louis University—St. Louis, Mo. (Georgia Johnston) 1998
  9. University of Delaware—Newark, Delaware (Bonnie Kime Scott and Ann Ardis) 1999
  10. University of Maryland-Baltimore—Baltimore, Md. (Jessica Berman) 2000
  11. Bangor University—Bangor, Wales (Michael Whitworth) 2001
  12. Sonoma State University–Rohnert Park, Calif. (J.J. Wilson and Eileen Barrett) 2002
  13. Smith College—Northampton, Mass. (Karen Kukil et alia) 2003
  14. University of London—London, UK (Gina Potts and Lisa Shahriari) 2004
  15. Lewis and Clark College—Portland, OR (Rishona Zimring) 2005
  16. University of Birmingham—Birmingham, UK (Kathryn Simpson, Steve Ellis et alia) 2006
  17. Miami University of Ohio—Miami, Ohio (Madelyn Detloff and Diana Royer) 2007
  18. University of Denver—Denver, Col. (Eleanor McNees) 2008
  19. Fordham University, Manhattan—New York City, N.Y. (Anne Fernald) 2009
  20. Georgetown College—Georgetown, Ky. (Kristin Czarnecki) 2010
  21. University of Glasgow–Glasgow, Scotland (Jane Goldman) 2011

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