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Pace University Press announces the release of the 2020 Woolf Studies Annual.

Featuring articles, reviews of new books, and a guide to library special collections, Woolf Studies Annual is the premier academic journal on the life, work, and times of Virginia Woolf.

Here’s what you’ll find in the 26th volume:

  • Josh Phillips’s transcription of part of the holograph manuscript of The Years, which provides a new take on that novel’s relationship to Three Guineas, enabling further exploration of Woolf’s complex creative processes.
  • Catriona Livingstone’s reading of Woolf through the lens of science fiction, which provides a fresh and provocative look at some well-known texts
  • Sebastian Williams providing insightful observations into Woolf’s Bioethics in “Animals and Dependency in ‘The Widow and the Parrot.’”
  • Reviews by Elizabeth Outka, Celia Marshik, and more.

This volume is edited by Dr. Mark Hussey. For a complete Table of Contents or to place an order, visit press.pace.edu

ISBN: 978-1-935625-46-9 Price: $40

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Woolf Studies Annual invites articles responding to, in dialogue with, or related to the scholarship of wsa-volume-22the late Jane Marcus for a special section of the 2018 volume.

Articles should be guided by the journal’s usual submission policy and should be submitted no later than June 15, 2017, to woolfstudiesannual@gmail.com.

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Cover.WSA21v2Volume 21 of the Woolf Studies Annual is now available for ordering online at a pre-publication discount. The price until April 15 is $32; after that date, it is $40.

Included in the volume are:

  • Rebecca Wisor’s account of  the historical context of the photographs Woolf included in Three Guineas.
  • Kristin Czarnecki’s comparison of Woolf’s trauma narratives with those of of Leslie Marmon Silko.
  • Bethany Layne’s discussion of the emerging field of biofiction studies in her analysis of Susan Sellers’s Vanessa and Virginia.
  • An updated Guide to Library Special Collections and reviews of 23 new books.

See the full Table of Contents.


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The 2013 volume of Woolf Studies Annual will be devoted to the topic of Jews and/or Jewishness in Woolf’s writing.

We are less interested in the question of whether or not Woolf herself was or was not antisemitic (except insofar as this can be articulated in readings of her texts) than in how the figure of the Jew operates within her work. The special issue is not limited to work on Virginia Woolf herself, but also will welcome contributions on Leonard Woolf, and on the Bloomsbury milieu. In addition to full-length articles, we also envisage a forum of short commentary, and an annotated bibliography.


  • We invite brief commentary of up to 750 words on a relevant short passage from Woolf’s writing: for example, from the “Present Day” chapter of The Years; “The Duchess and the Jeweller”; “Street Haunting”; Three Guineas; Between the Acts, and elsewhere—there is no limitation on what you might select.
  • Additionally, we welcome brief statements in response to the following broad questions:
    • How do Woolf’s representations of Jews compare with those of other modernist writers?
    • How have treatments of Woolf’s antisemitism/prejudice figured within Woolf scholarship?
    • In treating this topic within Woolf’s work, what are the salient issues?
    • What is the relation between her fiction and the extensive biographical record of Woolf’s comments/ruminations about Jews and Jewishness available in her letters, diaries, and memoirs? A number of such brief commentaries and statements would then be shared for response, and the opportunity for dialogue enabled, with the resulting texts published as a forum on the topic.
  • Annotated Bibliography Recommendations for previously published scholarship and sources on the topic are also welcome and will be included as an annotated bibliography in the special issue.


Forum commentaries/statements: June 30, 2012
Full-length articles (8,000-10,000 words): August 30, 2012 N.B. WSA submission guidelines apply.
Annotated Bibliography recommendations: November 15, 2012

(General articles on any topic may continue to be submitted for consideration.) please direct all correspondence, inquiries, submissions to woolfstudiesannual@gmail.com

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Vol. 14 Woolf Studies AnnualThe Woolf Studies Annual, published by Pace University Press and edited by Mark Hussey, has new submission guidelines that have not yet been posted on its Web site.

You can read them on the News page of Blogging Woolf.

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