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It’s less than a week until the U.S. presidential election, and our first Woolf sighting turns to Virginia’s diary — and a new book — to discover her political leanings. See 1. Even more of the moment, today is Halloween, and a New Yorker reader thinks a sexy Virginia Woolf is the worst Halloween costume ever. See 14.

  1. This feast of diaries may leave you with indigestion: EVENTS, DEAR BOY …, Daily Mail
    In 1929 both Virginia Woolf and her servant Nelly intend to vote Labour, but Comrade Virginia’s radicalism has its limits. ‘I don’t want to be ruled by Nelly,’ she snorts. By 1952 the descendants of Nelly are living high on the hog. Labour MP Richard …
  2. The London best: sleep aidsEvening Standard
    Virginia Woolf called sleep “that deplorable curtailment of the joy of life”. Yet most of London now fantasises about eight hours uninterrupted by the strepitous sex sessions of foxes or the early sounding of the alarm. With the clocks going back on 
  3. Finding souls in a search for solacePhiladelphia Inquirer
    The result was Pilgrimage, (Random House, 2011), a book of photographs from Leibovitz’s global search for solace. She visited the homes of Sigmund Freud andVirginia Woolf, of Elvis Presley and Eleanor Roosevelt, Georgia O’Keefe and Martha Graham.
  4. On the Couch: Study links creativity with mental illnessEaling Gazette
    Whilst troubled writers such as Virginia Woolf and Ernest Hemmingway would appear to bear this out, we know that in fact mental illness affects 25% of the population, not all of whom are creative geniuses! That said, a study by the same institute in 
  5. Saints and doubtersThe Christian Century
    Their daughter, Virginia Woolf, raised without a faith to lose, sought new forms of the sacred in her writing, new expressions of religious experience focused around what she called “moments of being”—moments when the pattern through which we are all 
  6. Reviewed: Sitelines’ Sailing OnReading Chronicle
    Following their own watery deaths, the writer Virginia Woolf and Shakespeare’s Ophelia have taken up residence in the toilets, where they observe the habits of its patrons. One young woman in particular, Romola, has caught their attention and by 
  7. The old man and the seaSydney Morning Herald
    The war trilogy was first published in London, by Hogarth, the press established by Leonard and Virginia Woolf. ”I would prefer it to be published there,” Parkin observed, ”for it does seem that no prophet is acceptable in his own country.” The 
  8. Murder on the dancefloor: art’s fascination with deathThe Guardian
    Photograph: Allstar/Cinetext/PARAMOUNT. Virginia Woolf, an admiring reader of Proust, was interested in the dramatic potential of the party as a way of bringing to the fore that which the joviality of the occasion attempts to deny. In Mrs Dalloway’s 
  9. Art Review ‘Picasso Black and White,’ at GuggenheimBoston Globe
    With the likes of Mozart, Virginia Woolf, and Picasso, the unspoken implication is so often: They can’t help themselves; the art just spouts out. If, in addition, the genius’s personality is awkward, or his personal life chaotic to the point of self 
  10. Carolyn Hitt: There are no longer barriers blocking female authorsWalesOnline
    Mary Ann Evans had to call herself George Eliot to get noticed while Virginia Woolf attempted to rent us a room of our own in the palace of patriarchy. When I read English at university 25 years ago we prided ourselves on the rows of ivy green spines 
  11. Author’s mum hated his Pulitzer Prize winning bookStraits Times
    The story traces the lives of three women affected by the 1925 Virginia Woolf novel, Mrs Dalloway. Cunningham’s mother was the inspiration behind the character of a bored housewife, and she did not like having her life on display. “She didn’t like the 
  12. Questioningly Results: Worst Halloween CostumeNew Yorker (blog)
    And, of course, many readers imagined inappropriate variations on seductive Halloween wear: sexy baby (from @MargoLezowitz), sexy George Bush (from @capitalsquirrel), sexy Virginia Woolf (from @andrewnford), sexy JarJar Binks (from @nemesisn4sa), 
  13. Prescription for laughterThe National
    It’s a busy Thursday night in Bloomsbury, the central London district where Virginia Woolf’s infamous set held court. At a plush, packed theatre, Ben Smith’s increasingly popular set is causing uproar. Smith also has literary links, being the younger 
  14. The Penguin-Random House book merger is a big deal: MallickToronto Star
    A writer has a vision, like a fin in the water as Virginia Woolf put it, a book is written and read, notions are floated and ingested like billions of plankton and suddenly the world has changed. Ideas are worth money. The book world is imprinted with 

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The deadline for A Room of Her Own Foundation‘s sixth $50,000 Gift of Freedom Award has been extended until Nov. 15, due to Hurricane Sandy.

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