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How can literature and nature console us? How can it give us courage and insight in difficult times?

Sally Bayley is an English Lecturer at Hertford College, Oxford, and a reader of Virginia Woolf’s diaries and journals. She lives on a boat, surrounded by nature.

In her podcast, “A Reading Life, a Writing Life,” she explores the sustenance that nature, along with reading and writing, provide. And her first episode shares wisdom from Virginia Woolf.

That episode connects to two pieces of Woolf’s writing — the short story “The Death of a Moth” (1941) and her 1926 essay “On Being Ill.”

Listen to Episode 1 now.

More Woolf podcasts

You can listen to another podcast connected to Woolf. More than a dozen episodes of The Virginia Woolf Podcast are available on the Literature Cambridge website.

This morning I was thinking, what makes a novel? Because Virginia Woolf in some ways doesn’t really write novels. She writes sets of propelling feelings, I think. She writes the inner world out, in all of its outbursts, in all of its prejudice. – Sally Bayley in Episode 1 of “A Reading Life, a Writing Life”

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